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An international consultancy company providing high-quality TPM, capacity building and other consulting services

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About Us

CPCD Co. Build Future

CPCD maintains its values and ensures that its services are up to the highest professional standards through:
ᵠ Maintaining the confidentiality of information and data of our partners
ᵠ Committing to objectivity, integrity, professionalism, honesty, and sincerity
ᵠ Maintaining and never compromising our high-quality standards

ᵠ We are set on a mission towards building capacities to enable organizations to achieve workable advantages and be more efficient, effective, relevant, impactful, and sustainable
ᵠ We aspire to unleash potentials and create a lasting impact for our partners and clients so they are more impactful

ᵠ CPCD is a company that preserves its values and secures the highest professional standards.
ᵠ We maintain high ethical standards and preserve client confidentiality at all times.
ᵠ We are committed to integrity, honesty and sincerity in providing our services.
ᵠ We maintain and never compromise our high-quality standards.
ᵠ We adopt innovative approaches based on shared information and updated knowledge to meet client’s expectations.
ᵠ We use our global network to deliver the best tangible results by bringing innovations & building capabilities.

ᵠ To train and to qualify profit and non-profit sectors and to provide them with the essential tools to become the most professional.
ᵠ To provide high quality of services in project and management consulting, capacity building, and monitoring & evaluation for profit and non-profit actors through equipping them with the most innovative approaches required.
ᵠ To meet the requirements of our partners through customized solutions and services based on deep understanding of different operational contexts with highly-skilled local and international experts


Get high-quality consulting services in the field of M&E, research, project management, and capacity building and organizational development

CPCD aims to support its partners to develop their performance, increase their efficiency and enhance their transparency towards their communities and donors. We provide high quality services through skilled teams who work in complex and conflict environments. These teams help us design and implement services in line with the needs of our partners. We work in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Libya and Lebanon with plans to expand further in the region.

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Expanded into MENA and North Africa in 2021
with over 40 projects

CPCD has implemented over 40 projects in different countries (Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, and Tunisia) in different areas of expertise: TPM, research, capacity building, data collection, organizational development. The sectors covered include food security and livelihood, WASH, emergency support, civil society, economic development, education, health and disease control, international development, agriculture, and irrigation, public perceptions, and polls, displacement and migration management, rehabilitation, social cohesion, etc. 2022 marks CPCD’s expansion in North Africa.

Pro Team

We comprise of solid team of the most dedicated and experienced professional and knowledgeable workers supported by our management network. Privileged with high level of skill set and a blend of expert goal achievers, Crest Point runs its operations under robust professional background in the area of field development, management consulting, capacity building, third party monitoring and evaluations.

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