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CPCD is a company that specializes in providing consulting, monitoring, evaluation, TPM and capacity building for a variety of organizations, agencies and research centers. CPCD offers its services to both national and international organizations including UN agencies and other research centers.

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Third Party Monitoring (TPM)

Regular and timely monitoring is key to the success of any project. With our strong field network and presence in different countries of the region, we try to help organizations, partners and donors to better understand the impact of their funding and programming on affected beneficiaries and communities. The monitoring services we provide are timely, context-sensitive and of high-quality, and build on our strong field presence and networks.

We ensure all our field monitors and researchers are well-trained and professional and thus capable of collecting high quality data that informs the programming of our partners. Participatory monitoring services form a major part of the services we provide, and we ensure strong internal systems in both design and implementation.

All the consultants, project managers and field coordinators who manage and supervise the monitoring services have international expertise in the region in different sectors and fields, and with different partners, including UN agencies and international donors.

Using both local and international expertise, we aim to help our partners and clients understand how their programmes affect communities and beneficiaries, and how they can be improved, in order to ensure better effectiveness, efficiency, impact, accountability and sustainability.


In addition to monitoring and evaluation, we provide research services, which are built on our strong field presence and networks. We also use experts and consultants with experience and specialist knowledge of different sectors such as education, protection and GBV, livelihood, emergency, governance, market, voucher and cash responses, civil and human rights, recovery and infrastructure, etc. Our strong presence and connections in the different countries of the region ensures access, quality, expertise and integrity.


CPCD offers capacity building and development services based on the needs of our clients. Our implementation approach follows a well-developed methodology that builds on Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA), which yields critical results about areas of improvement.
CPCD’s approach to capacity building covers on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, remote management, and online training. Training includes effective leadership, management, fundraising & income diversification, marketing, public relations & communications, human resources, ethical practices, and project management.


Evaluation is vital to understand the successes and improvement areas of any project. We therefore also provide project and programme evaluations for our partners and clients, including formative, summative, process/implementation, and impact evaluations. We have a strong and broad network of consultants, local and international, who can provide technical and managerial expertise to conduct different evaluation studies in the region: Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Turkey. Our reports are informative, to-the-point and context-sensitive providing actionable and practical recommendations to foster learning and development. Our well-established teams ensure better access and timely implementation to meet deadlines and milestones.


Need Assessment

We can deploy our field teams and researchers within 24 hours in order to conduct rapid needs assessments for partners working in emergency settings and who require data to inform their response and intervention in specific emergency spikes.
In addition, we can provide more large-scale needs assessments such as food security, WASH, protection, etc., to help our partners build programmes and proposals based on strong data and evidence.

Financial Consulting Services

CPCD/STOOS provides financial consulting services based on strong financial analysis, using our expert and qualified teams.
Our services cover:

• Preparing financial plans and strategies
• Developing accounting policies and procedures
• Assessing financial risks and improving financial performance
• Providing advice on budgeting and reporting preparation as per donors’ guidance
• Providing advice on internal control and assets safeguarding
• Providing advice on overseeing audit and tax functions
• Providing advice on suitable financial accounting systems


With our strong field presence and network of experienced and trained field researchers, we aim to provide large-scale data collection services across the region using the remote management skills of our field coordinators. We have developed strong internal systems to ensure the high-quality and validity of the data collected. These include:

• Well-trained and educated field researchers, both male and female, with different backgrounds and fields of knowledge
• Field researchers from different communities and groups, covering all districts and sub-districts of the countries where we operate, ensuring access to all locations and communities within the different countries and areas of control of the whole region
• Regular and daily reviews, and monitoring of the data collected in the field
• Highly trained field coordinators and quality assurance experts, to ensure the validity and quality of the data collected
• Strong-analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative, of the data collected using specialized software
• High-quality security measures and proper monitoring to ensure the confidentiality of the data collected
• Digital data collection applications using different platforms based on the needs of our customers and partners.
• Strong remote management skills – these are essential given the volatile context and connection challenges in the areas where we operate.

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